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Cannes Destination mapic-web Miércoles 14 Nov 2018 - 09:00


Cannes Destination DavidFrayjoueSchumann Viernes 16 Nov 2018 - 20:30


Cannes Destination Visuel SIT Cannes 2018 pour Palais Festivals Sábado 17 Nov 2018 - 10:00

Salon International du Tourisme

Cannes Destination DancaSinfonica1 Sábado 17 Nov 2018 - 20:30

Grupo Corpo

Cannes Destination MMAA Concert 17 nov 2018 Sábado 17 Nov 2018 - 20:00

Duo Flûte – Piano

Cannes Destination Amphitryon1 Martes 20 Nov 2018 - 14:30


Cannes Destination Amphitryon1 Martes 20 Nov 2018 - 20:00


Cannes Destination workplace-meetings-cannes Miércoles 21 Nov 2018 - 09:00


Cannes Destination finane-rh-meetings-cannes Miércoles 21 Nov 2018 -

Finance and RH Meetings


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Meet the Cannes Greeters!

Original walks with a local, volunteer, this is the concept of tours proposed by the Greeters...

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Spa, excursiones, buceo, vela ...

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El alcalde de Cannes lanza una nueva aplicación gratuita titulada "Patrimonio de Cannes"

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Où prendre un brunch à Cannes ?
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Where to go out at night in Cannes this summer ?...

It’s summer, it’s hot and the days are getting longer: it’s the perfect time to enjoy beautiful long evenings…all night long! And what better time for it, as ther...

Où prendre un brunch à Cannes ?
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Where can you watch the World Cup in Cannes?...

For 4 years, the entire world has been waiting and it’s finally back!   Just as for your favourite players, physical and mental preparation is required for s...

Où prendre un brunch à Cannes ?
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The best gift ideas for Mother’s Day in Cannes...

Mother’s Day is here, but perhaps you are still struggling to find the right gift? Follow the guide and discover a list of ‘Made in Cannes’ gift ideas just for he...

Où prendre un brunch à Cannes ?
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An Easter weekend in Cannes...

It’s Spring, the birds are singing, the sun is beginning to show its face more and more and finally, Easter is here! Just for the occasion, I have selected the be...

Où prendre un brunch à Cannes ?
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Where can you do brunch in Cannes?...

Between breakfast and lunch, brunch is without doubt one of the high points of your weekend! Gourmet, healthy or trendy: to help you in your quest for the perfect...

Où prendre un brunch à Cannes ?
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We’re celebrating Candlemas and Shrove Tuesday!...

Candlemas and Shrove Tuesday are two occasions to enjoy Provencal recipes: Bugnes (Angel Wings), Carnival Fritters and Pancakes. In our families, Candlemas marks ...

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Destino Cannes

Destino Cannes, el sitio oficial de la Oficina de Turismo, le permite descubrir, a través de sus diferentes secciones, las principales ventajas de la ciudad y hacer de su estancia algo excepcional. Los lugares de visita obligada, la historia de la ciudad y de su festival de cine, las tiendas, los espectáculos y los festivales, las visitas guiadas, la vida cultural, los hoteles… Todo está aquí, sin olvidar las excursiones que lo llevarán a visitar los pueblos de montaña y admirar paisajes que lo dejarán sin respiración.

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La Oficina de Turismo de Cannes
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